Our paper entitlted "Eradication of acute myeloid leukemia with FLT3 ligand-targeted miR-150 nanoparticles" is published by Cancer Research. This is our 2nd paper coming out of the collaboratioin with Dr. Chen group. Members of our group, Jason (co-first author), Yang, and Dr. Hong (co-corresponding author), co-authored this exciting paper!


Our paper entitlted "Tuninig the Selectivity of Dendron Micelles through Variations for the Poly(ethylene glycol) Corona" is accepted for publication by ACS Nano! The authors are Ryan, Soumyo, Hao-jui, Matt, Marilyn, Dr. Kral, and Dr. Hong.


Jason receives 2016 AAPS Graduate Fellowship that is given to only 4 Pharmaceutical Science students in the US. Congratulations!


Our collaborative paper entitlted "miR-22 has a potent anti-tumour role with therapeutic potential in acute myeloid leukaemia" is on-line published by Nature Communications! This paper reports our collaboration with Dr. Jianjun Chen's group at U of Cincinnati (formerly at U of Chicago). Among many authors of our collaborators at U of Chicago and U of Cincinnati, members of our group, including Jason, Yang, and Dr. Hong, are listed as co-authors.


Our recent article published in WIREs Nanomedicine & Nanobiotechnology is selected for the cover image! The paper is entitled "Recent Advances in Nanotechnology-based Detection and Separation of Circulating Tumor Cells" co-authored by Ja Hye, Kevin, Sin-jung, Ashley, and Dr. Hong.


Our review paper entitled "Dendrimer-based nanocarriers: a versatile platform for drug delivery" is accepted for publication by WIREs Nanomedicine & Nanobiotechnology. The authors are Hao-jui, Jason, Seung-ri, and Dr. Hong. Congratulations!


The US News and World Report releases the newest ranking that puts our College at #6 among all US Colleges of Pharmacy.


Our paper with our collaborators (Dr. J. Chen's group at U of Cincinatti) entitled "miR-22 Plays a Potent Anit-Tumor Role with Therapeutic Potential in Acute Myeloid Leukemia” is accepted for publication in Nature Communications! Jason, Yang, and Dr. Hong are among the co-authors!


Dr. Hong is appointed as Associate Editor for journal Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine published by Elsevier. The journal has 2014 ISI impact factor of 6.155 and 5-year impact factor of 7.275!


Dr. Hong gives a keynote speech at the Annual Research Festival of Department of Organic and Nano Engineering, Hanyang University, Seoul, KOREA.


Dr. Hong gives an invited talk at the Korea Society of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology (KSPST) Annual Meeting held in Sungnam, KOREA.


Dr. Hong joins IEEE-Nanomed meeting held in Honolulu, HI where he serves on the organizing commitee, chairs a session and delivers an invited talk.


Our review paper entitled "Microfluidic Devices to Enrich and Isolate Circulating Tumor Cells" is accepted for publication by Lab on a Chip. The authors are Dr. Myung and Prof. Hong. Congratulations!


Dr. Hong presents an invited talk about our dendron micelle project at the Fall Meeting of the Polymer Society of Korea held in Daegu, Korea.


Dr. Hong gives a featured talk about our CTC technology at the USPOT site visit to UIC.


Our review paper entitled "Tweaking Dendrimers and Dendritic Nanoparticles for Controlled Nano-bio Interactions: Potential Nanocarriers for Improved Cancer Targeting" is accepted for publication by Journal of Drug Targeting. The paper will appear in a special issue honoring Prof. Robert Langer who receives the life time achievement award from the journal. The authors are the first author Jason, Hao-jui, and Dr. Hong. Congratulations!


Jeeho is back to join the lab over the summer. Jeeho, our former high school researcher, is now a rising sophomore at the University of Michigan. Welcome back!


Dr. Hong joins ASME Nanoscience Coference held in Minneapolis, MN, to give an invited talk and to chair a "Targeted Drug Delivery" session.


The spin-off company from the lab, Capio Biosciences, Inc. is highlihgted by the OVCR office of the university!


Seung-ri Lee, a recent PharmD graduate from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, joins the lab. Welcome Dr. Lee!


Dr. Sin-jung Park joins the lab as Postdoctoral Associate. Dr. Park graduated with PhD from The Catholic University of Korea. Welcome Dr. Park!


A 2006 paper that Dr. Hong first authored is selected as one of the top 25 articlesin the first 25 years of Biooconjugate Chemistry!


Dr. Hong visits the University of Nebraska Medical Center's NanoMedicine Center, delivering a center seminar on our reserch topics: Drug Delivery and Tumor Cell capturing using dendritic nanomaterials.


Dr. Hong visits India, joining two conferences in New Delhi and Chandigargh. He is one of the invited speakers for the Indo-US NanoEngineering Workshop held at AIIMS in New Dehli and the NanoScience and Engineering Conference held in Chandigargh. He also participates in a forum discussing future directions of the research strategy with Dr. K. VijayRaghavan, the Secretary of Department of Biotechnology of Indian Government.


Dr. Hong visits Korea and China, giving in total of 8 invited talks at IBEC 2014, Chunnam National University, Yonsei University, Korea University of Science and Technology, KAIST, KIST, Donghua University, and Amway China.


Dr. Hong joins N.I.C.E. Meeting held in Nice, France to give a talk related to our biomimetic approaches for effective capture and isolation of circulating tumor cells.


Dr. Hong visits the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to give a seminar at the Radiation Oncology Department.


Our paper entitled "Poly(ethylene glycol) Corona Chain Length Controls End-Group-Dependent Cell Interactions of Dendron Micelles" is accepted for publication in Macromolecules! The authors are the first author Hao-jui, Soumyo, Ryan, Sayam, Dr. Kral, and Dr. Hong. This is the 50th paper published by Dr. Hong. Congratulations!


Ryan successfully defends his PhD disseration, becoming the 4th PhD from the group. Congratulations, Dr. Pearson!!!


Dr. Hong promotes to Associate Professor with Indefinite Tenure. He is also appointed as Director of Graduate Eduation for the College of Pharmacy. Congratulations!


NSF supports our hybrid nanoparticle project for next three years!


Dr. Hong delivers a featured invited talk at The 46th Pharmaceutics Graduate Student Research Meeting (PGSRM) held in Chicago hosted by UIC College of Pharmacy.


Dr. Hong Y. Cho from Carnegie Mellon University joins our lab as a Postdoctoral Associate He recently finished his PhD working with Prof. Krzysztof Matyjaszewski in the Chemistry Department of CMU. Welcome Dr. Cho!


Our paper entitled "Differential Detection of Tumor Cells using A Combination of Cell Rolling, Multivalent Binding, and Multiple Antibodies" is being accepted for publication by Analytical Chemistry! The authors are Ja Hye, Khyati, Dr. Chen, Dr. Molokie, and Dr. Hong. Congratulations!


Our paper entitled "Prolonged Blood Circulation and Enhanced Tumor Accumulation of Folate-Targeted Dendrimer-Polymer Hybrid Nanoparticles" is being accepted for publication by the Journal of Controlled Release! The authors are Suhair, Jason, Daniel, Dr. Burdette and Dr. Hong. Congratulations!


Our paper (Yang et al) published in Advanced Functional Materials is highlighted as Frontispiece by the journal!


Dr. Hong travels to Asia to give a series of invited talks. He gives a keynote speech at the 2014 International Conference on Mechanics and Materials Engineering (ICMME), held in Xi'an, China. He also visits and gives invited seminars at POSTECH in Pohang, Korea; Donghua University in Shanghai, China; and Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore in Singapore.


Three of our undergraduate student researchers, Ashley, Matt, and Kevin, are selected to receive Honors College Undergraduate Research Grants! This is a remarkable achievement of our young group members, congratulations!


On the College of Pharmacy Research Day, the Hong group members are recognized for their excellece in research and academic achievement. Ryan is the recipient of von Doren Scholar Award, and Jason receives the AAPS Student Choice Award and the First Place of the OTM Innovation Awards. Hao-jui received the First Place Poster Award in the Predoctoral category. Congratulations to all! Go Hong lab!


Our review paper entitled "Understanding Nano-Bio Interactions to Improve Nanocarriers for Drug Delivery" has been accepted and is now in press by MRS Bulletin. The authors are Ryan, Hao-jui, Jason, and Dr. Hong. Congratulations!


Our recent graduate Dr. Suhair Sunoqrot is appointed as Assistant Professor at Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan. Congratulations Suhair!


Our paper entitled "Targeting of Follicle Stimulating Hormone Peptide-conjugated Dendrimers to Ovarian Cancer Cells" is accepted for publication by Nanoscale! This is the first paper from the collaboration between the Burdette and the Hong labs. The authors areDimple, Suhair, Jason, Dan, and the co-corresponding authors Dr. Hong and Dr. Burdette. Congratulations!


Our paper entitled "Dendron-based Micelles for Topical Delivery of Endoxifen: A potential chemo-preventive medicine for breast cancer" is accepted for publication by Advanced Functional Materials! The authors are the first author Yang, Ryan, Oukseub, Dr. Chatterton, Dr. Khan, and Dr. Hong. Congratulations!


Dr. Hong joins the EU-US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium co-hosted by National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and National Academies of the Technologies of France (NATF) held in Chantilly, FRANCE. He is among only 60 engineers under the age of 45 who are invited by NAE and NATF.


Dr. Hong visits Loyola University to give a seminar in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular biology.


Ashely and Kevin are selected to receive the Honors College Undergraduate Research Awards! Congratulations!!!


Dr. Hong is among the prominent invited speakers for the NanoDDS meeting held in La Jolla, California.


Dr. Hong delivers a Keynote speech at the Nanosymposium held at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.


Dr. Hong travels to Korea to give a Keynote Lecture at the 21st Annual Meeting of Korean Society for Biomaterials, and is invited to give seminars at various universities and companies in Korea, including Hanyang, Yonsei, Seoul National, Ajou Universities.


The Hong lab joins the Annual ACS meeting held in Indianapolis, IN where Dr. Hong gives an invited talk and 5 group members give poster presentations!


Yang successfully defends her dissertation, becoming the third PhD from the lab! Congratulations Dr. Yang! She will move on working at FDA for her postdoctoral training.


Dr. Hong participates in the Gordon Research Conference on Cancer Nanotechnology in West Dover, VT where he delivers an invited talk.


Eri successfully defends her MS dissertation, receiving the second Master degree from the lab! Ms. Iwasaki will work at Takeda in Japan starting August.


Dr. Hong presents an invited talk focusing on our CTC detection project at the National University of Singapore.


Dr. Hong joins the ICMAT 2013 conferece in Singaore. He is one of the co-orgranizers for Symposium Z "Bio-inspired engineering for multifunctional biosurfaces" where he also delivers an invited talk.


The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) announces that our collaborative project (PI: Dr. Jianjun Chen at U of Chicago) is selected to be funded for the next three years!


Dr. Hong visits Korea and gives invited seminars in the Department of Biotechnology at Yonsei University, Seoul, in the College of Pharmacy at Korea Univeristy, Sejong City, and at the Asan Medical Center, Seoul, all in Korea.


Dr. Hong participates in the 12th World Pharma Congress held in Philadelphia, PA where he gives a shortcourse lecture on Cancer Nanotechnology as well as an invited talk on our nanoscale drug delivery projects.


The Hong lab welcomes new groups members! Matthew Pasko (Bioengineering), Marilyn Gaske (Chemistry), and Ashley Cha (Chemistry, GPPA) are the new undergraduate researchers. Frehiwot and Jeeho are two returning members over the summer. Welcome all!


Suhair successfully defends her dissertation, becoming the second PhD from the lab! Congratualtions Dr. Sunoqrot!


The Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer announces that our collaborative project (PI: Dr. Jianjun Chen at U of Chicago) is selected to be funded for the next two years!


Jason receives the Riback fellowship from the College of Pharmacy that supports PharmD students' research activities over the summer. Congratulations!


Ryan is selected as a Dean' Scholar this year! The prestigious award is given by the Dean of the Gradiuate College in recognition of a student's scholarly achievement. Congratulations!


Jason receives the Riback fellowship from the College of Pharmacy that supports PharmD students' research activities over the summer. Congratulations!


Ryan in selected as a Dean' Scholar this year! The prestigious award is given by the Dean of the Gradiuate College in recognition of a student's scholarly achievement. Congratulations!


Dr. Hong participates in the 3rd International Conference on Pharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery System where he presents an invited talk.


Dr. Hong presents an invited talk in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Oklahoma State University.


The Office of Vice Chancellor for Research of UIC announces that Dr. Hong is selected as recipient of Researcher of the Year - Rising Star Award in Basic Life Sciences!


Dr. Hong gives an invited talk in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Kentucky College of Pharamcy.


Dr. Ja Hye Myung re-joins the lab as a Postdoctoral Associate! We are very excited to retain Ja Hye in the group! Re-Welcome Dr. Myung!


Jason (BS, UIUC) officiallly joins the lab as the group's first PharmD/PhD student. Welcome, Jason!


Our paper entitled "Positively Charged Dendron Micelles Display Negligible Cellular Interactions" is accepted for publication in ACS Macro Letters. The authors are the first author Ryan, Patra, Hao-Jui, Sayam, Dr. Kral, and Dr. Hong. Congratulations!

Another paper entitled "In vitro Evaluation of Dendrimer-Polymer Hybrid Nanoparticles on Their Controlled Celular Targeting Kinetics" is also accepted for publication in Molecular Pharmaceutics. The authors are the first author Suhair, Dr. Liu, Dr. Kim, and Dr. Hong. Congratulations!


University of Illinois Office of Technology Management announces that they will fund our CTC project for potential translation for commercialization!


Dr. Hong gives a department seminar in the NanoEngineering Department at University of California - San Diego.


Dr. Hong attends 2012 AIChE Annual Meeting held in Pittsburgh, PA where he gives two oral presentations and chairs two drug delivery sessions.


Dr. Heejoo Hong, an experienced pediatrician, joins the lab as a visiting clinical advisor. Welcome, Dr. Hong!


Dr. Hong receives 2012 AAPS New Investigator Award in Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technologies! The award ceremony takes place in the McCormick Place in Chicago. This is awarded to one junior faculty of the year who has made signficant contributions to the pharmaceutical sciences field.


Ja Hye successfully defends her PhD thesis, becoming the first PhD from the group! Congratulations, Dr. Myung!!!!


Dr. Hong joins the 16th International Pharmaceutical Technology Symposium (IPTS) being held in Antalya, Turkey where he gives a talk as an invited speaker.


Dr. Hong gives a departmental seminar in the Department of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy at Purdue University.


Dr. Hong joins the 34th Annual Conference of Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society (EMBS), IEEE held in San Diego, Calif. where he chairs a Drug Delivery session and give two invited talks.


University of Illinois Cancer Center announces that it will fund our proposal entitled "An Integrated Platform for Detection and Analysis of Invasive Breast Circulating Tumor Cells". This work will be performed in collaboration with Dr. Yingxiao Wang of the Urbana campus and Dr. Howard Ozer of the Chicago campus.


Dr. Hong was an invited speaker of the 1st African Pharmaceutical Conference held in Algiers, Algeria. He joined the conference for a week and gave a talk entitled "Biomimetic Nanotechnology to Tackle Cancer: The future of pharmaceutics?".


Our invited review paper entitled "The Role of Polymers in Detection and Isolation of Circulating Tumor Cells" is accepted for publication in Polymer Chemistry! The authors are the first author Ja Hye, Khyati, Ye Eon, and Dr. Hong. Congratulations!


Our invited review paper entitled "Dendritic Nanoparticles: The Next Generation of Nanocarriers?" is accepted for publication in Therapeutic Delivery! The authors are the first author Ryan, Suhair, Hao-Jui, Jin Woo, and Dr. Hong. Congratulations!


Our paper entitled "Effect of Size, Surface Charge and Hydrophobicity of Poly(amidoamine) Dendrimers on Their Skin Penetration" is published as a "Just Accepted" article in Biomacromolecules! The authors are the first author Yang, Suhair, Chelsea, Jingli, Chan-Woo, Dr. Kim, Dr. Khan, and Dr. Hong. Congratulations!


The Hong lab, in collaboration with Dr. Joanna Burdette's lab, starts developing a new type of nanocarrier that provides both therapeutic and preventive methods for ovarian cancer, being supported by The Chancellor's Discovery Funds!


Khyati's poster regarding our CTC project received "Honorable Mention" from the undergraduate research competition at AACR National Meeeting held in Chicago, IL. Her work was highlighted as one of the top 10 posters. Congratulations Khyati!!


Our paper entitled "Temporal Control over Cellular Targeting through Hybridization of Folate-targeted Dendrimers and PEG-PLA Nanoparticles" is published by Biomacromolecules as an "Just Accepted" paper! The authors are Suhair, Dr. Bae, Ryan, Kevin, Dr. Liu, Dr. Kim, and Dr. Hong. Congratulations!


Dr. Hong joins the Editorial Board of Journal of Nanopharmaceutics and Drug Delivery where he also serves as Associate Editor.


Our college hosts the Annual COP Research Day. At the award ceremony, our three group members - Ja Hye, Suhair, and Yang - are recognized as van Doren Scholars! Congratulations!


Dr. Hong gives a Featured Talk at the MiniSymposium on Drug Delivery and Nanomaterials held at Northwestern University Cancer Center.


Dr. Hong gives an Invited Talk entitled "Biomimetic Nanotechnology to Tackle Cancer" at the Oak Ridge National Lab.


Our recent Angewandte Chemie paper is highlighted in Faculty of 1000 by Dr. Don Tomalia who is the inventor of dendrimers!!! The paper is also highlighted by UIC NEWS RELEASE!


Dr. Hong delivers an Invited Talk in the Cancer Center at the University of Chicago.


Jelena is selected as a representing applicant of UIC for the Merage Foundation for the American Dream Fellowship!


Angewandte Chemie selects our recent paper as a HOT PAPER!!!


Angewandte Chemie accepts our paper entitled "Dendrimer-mediated Multivalent Binding for Enhanced Capture of Tumor Cells". The authors are Ja Hye, Khayti, Jelena, Dr. Eddington, and Dr. Hong. Contratulations!


Dr. Hong gives an Invited Lecutre entitled "Facilitated Self-assembly of Novel Dendron-based Copolymers" at the IEEE EMBS Meeting held in Boston, MA.


Dr. Hong gives an Invited Lecutre at the CRS Illinois Student Chapter Annual Meeting held in Chicago, IL.


Our paper entitled "Dendron-mediated Self-assembly of Highly PEGylated Block Copolymers: A Modular Nanocarrier Platform" is accepted for publication in Chemical Communications. The authors are co-first authors Jin Woo Bae and Ryan Pearson, and co-authors include Niladri Patra, Suhair Sunoqrot, Lela Vukovi, Dr. Petr Kral, and Dr. Hong.


Ryan receives the prestigious Pre-doctoral fellowship from American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education (AFPE)! Congratulations!!!


We have several new group members joining the lab over the summer! Jacqueline Handley of UIUC, Chelsea Stowell of Vanderbilt University, Jeromy Bentley coming back from Naperville Central High School, John Lee of IMSA, Kayla Lee and Mina Hur of Neuqua Valley High School. Welcome everyone!!!


Our lab members continue to excel! Ja Hye is now a Dean's Scholar, one of the most prestigious awards at UIC. Suhair also receives a Deiss Award for excellence in Research! Congratulations!!!


Jelena is being selected as a recipient of 2011 Kabbes Undergraduate Research Award! Congratulations!


Dr. Hong delivers an Invited Talk entitled "Polymeric Nanodevices for Targeted Drug Dleivery and Tumor Cell Isolation" in the Department of Bioengineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


2011 College Research Day was held in the Pharmacy Bldg. Our group presented three posters and received multiple recognitions! Ja Hye was the winner of W. E. van Doren Scholar in recognition of her excellence in research. The poster co-presented by Ryan and Jin Woo won the 2nd place prize from the poster competition. Congratulations!


Suhair's paper entitled "Kinetically Controlled Cellular Interactions of Polymer-Polymer and Polymer-Liposome Nanohybrid Systems" is accepted for publication in Bioconjugate Chemistry! The authors are Suhair, Jin Woo, Su-Eon, Ryan, Dr. Liu, and Dr. Hong.


Our recent Analytical Chemistry paper is being highlighted by C&EN!


Jingli Ji, 1st year PhD student of BPS, joins to lab for her second rotation, welcome Jingli!


Our two gifted undergraduate researchers Jelena and Sayam receive a Rina K. Dukor Award and a Kabbes Undergradate Research Award, respectively. Congratulations Jelena and Sayam!


Analytical Chemistry accepts Ja Hye's second paper entitled "Direct measurements on CD24-mediated rolling of human breast cancer MCF-7 cells on E-selectin". The authors are Ja Hye Myung, Khyati Gajjar, Ryan Pearson, Cari Launiere, Dr. Eddington, and Dr. Hong.


The UIC Chancellor's office announces that our two talented group members Ja Hye and Ryan are selected recipients of the prestigious "Chancellor's Supplemental Research Fellowship". Ryan and Ja Hye are among 12 recipients of this year. With Suhair's renewal of the award, our group now has three recipients of the fellowship, becoming a major lab with the most number of the recipients! Congratulations Suhair, Ja Hye, and Ryan!


Yang passes her prelim exam, becoming the third Ph.D. candidate in the group, Congratulations Yang!


Two talented BPS students, Aditi Jhaveri, M.S. and David Vaynshteyn, Pharm.D. join the lab for their first rotation. Welcome!


Dr. Hong received a poster award from Gordon Conference on Drug Delivery, held in Waterville Valley, NH. Dr. Hong also delivered an oral presentation at the Conference.


Suhair passes her prelim exam, becoming a PhD candidate! Congratulations Suhair!


Liza of MIT Chemical Engineering joins tha lab, participating in an REU program of UIC over 2010 summer. Welcome Liza!


Yang wins the first prize in the poster competition at the 2nd Conference of Controlled Release Society (CRS)- Illinois Student Chatper. CRS provides her cash prize and travel support for her to join the 2011 national CRS meeting. Congratulations Yang!


Chanwoo Lee of Amore-Pacific Co., Ltd. in Korea joins the lab as a visiting scholar. Welcome Chanwoo!

Amore-Pacific supports our research on transdermal delivery systems for cosmetic compounds.


A UIC honors college student Jelena Saric joins the lab. Welcome!


Langmuir accepts the Ja Hye's paper regarding 'Enhanced Tumor Cell Separation using Protein Combinations' for publication. Congratulations Ja Hye! The authors include the first author Ja Hye Myung, Cari Launiere, Dr. David Eddington, and Dr. Hong.


Susan G. Komen foundation announces that they will support our project of transdermal delivery of chemopreventive medicine. This project has been investigated in collaboration with Dr. Seema Khan's group at Northwestern University.


Our review paper regarding 'Multi-scale Observation of Nano-Bio Interfaces" is accepted by Microscopy Research and Technique! The authors include the first author Dr. Su-Eon Jin, Dr. Jin Woo Bae, and Dr. Hong.


Ryan Pearson and Kevin Shyu officially join the lab to continue Ph.D. and M.S. studies, respectively. Welcome!


Dr. Hong is selected as a recipient of the prestigious Vahlteich Award from the University of Illinois College of Pharmacy. The cash prize will be used to support the lab's current effort on developing "a biomimetic multivalent dendron-based novel nanocarrier for cancer targeting"


Suhair is awarded for 2010 Chancellor's Supplemental Fellowship. Congratulations Suhair!


National Science Foundation (NSF) supports our CTC project for the next three years!


Ryan Pearson joins the lab as a 1st year rotation student. He received his B.S. with Magna Cum Laude from Chemical Engineering at UIC. Welcome Ryan!

Two bright IMSA students Daniel Pak and Tiffany Sinclair join the lab through the IMSA SIR program. The lab has participated the program since 2008.


Ja Hye passes her prelim, becoming the first PhD candidate of the grooup! Congratulations Ja Hye!


Dr. Su-Eon Jin who is holding a prestigious KRF fellowship joins our group as a Postdoctoral Fellow after receiving her Ph.D. from Seoul National University, Korea. Welcome Dr. Jin!


The Hong lab participates in an NIH-funded contract in collaboration with Prof. Alex Lyubimov in the College of Medicine at UIC. This project seeks a new nanotechnology-based formulation method to increase oral bioavailability of anti-cancer drugs.


Welcome Dr. Jin Woo Bae who joins the lab as a Postdoctoral Associate after receiving his Ph.D. from Ajou University in Korea.


Suhair Sunoqrot comes back to the lab to start her Ph.D. project after finishing her 2nd rotation. Welcome back Suhair!

Two talented UIC undergrads Maira Dawood and Sayam Uddin join the lab for summer research opportunities!


Yang Yang officially joins our lab as a Ph.D. student. She started her Ph.D. study in 2008 after receiving her B.S. and M.S. from Beijing (Peking) University and has been working with us since January 2009 as a rotation student.


Khyati Gajjar, a talented junior in the Chemistry department at UIC and a pre-Pharm student, joins the lab to participate in our CTC capturing project.


Dr. David Chau joins the lab after finishing his first postdoc with Prof. Kevin Shakesheff at the Unviersity of Nottingham in the United Kindom.


Jennifer Zhang leaves the lab to kick off her medical training at the Johns Hopkins University. All best wishes to Jenny!


Ja Hye Myung, 2nd yr BPS graduate student joins our group, becoming the first PhD student of the lab.


The Hong Research Group is launched in Dept of Biopharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Illinois - Chicago.

Prof. Hong starts the lab with an MIT graduate Jennifer Zhang who has worked with Prof. Hong for the past 2 years in the Prof. Robert Langer's lab at MIT.